• 2017 Employment Mobilization Award
  • Modern Factory
  • Production Technology
  • 2012 OAIB Export Award

Countries We Work

  • Swiss

  • Germany

  • Other EU Countries

  • Turkey

  • Non-EU Countries

Our Vision

We aim to sustain profitability, but at the same time ensuring customer and shareholder value though efficiency. Our continuous and constant goal is to increase the return for all our stakeholders and customers by providing added value. Okursoy seeks to maintain international standards of corporate governance in all its activities, always mindful of customer satisfaction, social responsibility and environmental protection also. We don’t aim to leave the future to itself, as the future is now. Okursoy’s journey, which began in 1980, is driven by constant improvement and growth through efficiency.

Our Mission

Good and rewarding partnership comes to mind first for all our customers. seeking fabrication solutions, our innovative products, and our responsive service. We want our customers to feel our respect for them, by providing exceptional quality products and service that adds real value to their businesses. We like to build long term trust with our customers, which means never ceasing to strive for them, our employees, suppliers, and stakeholders whose needs and desires we always respect.

President's Message


Our company started on the principle that our most valuable asset is human.

All our employees know that we aim to keep growing with them, including them as part of our close-knit family business without compromising on our truthful and honest approach.  We know that stability stems from this. At the same time we’re increasing and improving our technical competence and capacity with each new project we win. 

Our company is equipped with excellent technical staff and a modern working factory. It has an impressive high-tech machine park with robotic welding, and  improves daily.

This is surely the route to be the best, delivering quality projects on time, and demonstrating success by earning the appreciation and respect of our customers. Success stems from our years of being honest and honorable with both staff and clientele.

Okursoy offers an uninterrupted history up to today, satisfying customer institutions, organizations and individuals through our application of innovation and technology. These guiding principles have helped grow our exports to the far corners of the world    

We’d like to thank all our customers for giving us the opportunity to implement their projects and I express my warmest gratitude to all our employees who we are proud to rely on.

İzzet Okursoy

Honorary President


Fazlı Okursoy was born in 1937. His story is very similar to other businessmen who were his working contemporaries. Like many others of his era, he was not able to access major start-up capital but instead built the company organically through hard work. 

Fazlı Okursoy founded the Erçelik Iron Company in 1985 when the company’s main activity was buying iron products. When it was time to change and upgrade in 1996, the company stepped up to diverse merchanting activities, and became more industrial.

Since 1996 Okursoy Iron Industry and Trade Co. has been operating in the metal processing industry. And from 2000 on, the company management was transferred into the hands of Izzet Okursoy. He steered our company in the direction of welding manufacturing activities alongside the metalworking sector. In the meantime, Honorary President Fazlı Okursoy's views, vision, and ideals have always encouraged and provided direction for the team at OKURSOY


  • Growth Strategy

    We continue growing, now exceeding 100 staff and working with new customers in Turkey and exporting across Europe. 

    ‘We don’t leave the future to itself, as the future is now’. 

  • Growth and Export

    In 2009, OKURSOY also adds new companies within unabated development; the export-oriented foreign trade company establishes Okursoy Industrial companies.

  • Establishment of Tobler Turkey

    To reach the targeted rapid growth and development of a more appropriate organization, Tobler Turkey company also started selling fully secure scaffolding in order to perform under a corporate structure in the country.

  • International Partnership

    In cooperation with international Tobler Company, scaffolding producion factory established in Akyurt in 2008. OKURSOY also produced fully secure scaffolding 100% locally for the first time in Turkey within International DIN EN 12810 and 12811 standards. During this period, Tobler AG-Okursoy partnership is established and all the scaffolding products manufactured are exported abroad.

  • Expension of Business Segments

    After 2004, OKURSOY INC.'s business significantly expands. Company has been working on a broad range of manufacturing like iron and steel sales, aluminum sales to oxygen and plasma cutting, the laser cutting, steel parts of construction, turnkey steel structures, power plants. 

  • First Industrial Initiative

    Manufacturing sector have been began at the end of 1999. In 2000, the company's first industrial initiative CNC - NC Cutting Bending and Twisting machine receives. These machines will start with the manufacture of steel construction industry. In 2001, founded the metal processing center and imported from abroad oxygen cutting and plasma cutting machines were first in Ankara.

  • Second Generation on the Job

    In 1998 , Fazlı Okursoy who is a believer in institutionalization passed on the Board Chairman to Izzet OKURSOY son of Fazlı OKURSOY.Fazlı Okursoy continues to work as Honorary Chairman.

  • Establishment

    In the year 1985, Fazlı Okursoy began selling tin plate with Er Steel Inc. in Ankara Ostim.